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Game News    
Hello! This is deathslealth, ArchWizard, Matt420469, and theggirl. We are the guild leaders of ImmortalWrath! This is a new guild and we are fixing the problems so please bare with the problems until then! Our main goal is to have fun in Aika Online in every aspect possible! We raid and defense though it is not required. Also we do dungeons, run events, and quest help! If you have a question or a problem please contact deathslealth, ArchWizard, Matt420469, or theggirl in the game.

Guild News    

Make an ImmortalWrath account for more fun!!!

deathslealth, Apr 5, 11 11:52 AM.
Make an ImmortalWrath account guild members! I you do we guarantee you more fun on our personal forums, and in our guild! So if you dont have an account yet make one!

-deathslealth & ArchWizard

Guild PVP event!!!

deathslealth, Apr 5, 11 11:50 AM.
Hello i am ARCHWIZARD the general in charge of these challenges. #1Rule to have an official fight a rank 4 member or guild leader must be present. #2Rule To challenge other players ask for a duel you are only able to get rewards off of being one of the 3 top best in the guild.The champion get the biggest reward sub champ lessser and finalist gets the least. This is a fun way to earn great prizes and quick mulah. #3Rule The player with the most wins does not become champion.Whomever claims champion title is champion and must accept challenges in a 1vs1 match versus the chalenger(guildies only)and win to defend his title. #4Rule The match is best out of five rounds when challenging the sub champ and anyone lower.But for the champion it is the best out of 10. If the participant flees he loses that round and upon death.If he dissconnects the judges decides whether to have a rematch. All rank 4 members should know all the details. Have fun and show the world we are the best warriors There ar champions(the be best)of each class and sub champions of each class.These champions must fight each other to get the title SUPREME CHAMPION which will be the best and highest reward per week.Also SUPREME champions must be very active and nobody in the guild or entire alliance can insult them.but we can brag of their pvp abilities to help further respect for our guild. In duels you can use hp/mp potions any enhancement and buffs.Atrue warrior give his all if you win only because of buffs then you are the beter fighte for giving it your all. to ask for help and to judge you battles either ArchWizard,Araton,Cloudyness To join other event such as Material event,Most loyal,Honorable helper event,most active event and The Rich extremist event each event has rewards to find these events search our post.And to find the rewards for the pvp even event search for The best player versus player Rewards.If you see anyway to improve our system please do not be afraid to let us know our #1 goal is to have fun.
Make sure you read the pvp event post before this one 

Champion for warrior/conquer =100k gold+ 1 random side prize per week on sunday ask a enforcer to pay
Sub champion for warrior/conquer =50k gold

Champion for cleric/saint = 100k gold + 1 random side prize
Sub Champion for the cleric/saint = 5ok gold

Champion for rifleman/sniper= 100k gold + 1 random side prize
Sub Champion for the rifleman/cleric = 5ok gold

Champion for dual gunner= 100k gold + 1 random side prize
Sub Champion for the dual gunner = 5ok gold

Champion for paladin/templar= 100k gold + 1 random side prize
Sub Champion for the paladin/templar= 5ok gold

Champion for warlock/Arcanist= 100k gold + 1 random side prize
Sub Champion for the warlock/Arcanist= 5ok gold

Supreme Champion the winner of a battle with all champions =500k gold +5 random side prizes

Thankyou and go get rich. 
-deathslealth & ArchWizard!

Level The guild Contest!!!! Look for info!!!

deathslealth, Apr 5, 11 11:46 AM.
ArchWizard and I deathslealth the guildleaders of ImmortalWrath will be holding an event to level our guild! For the first lvl the first 2 people with most points gets 50k each. Second lvl is 75k each. 3rd lvl is 100k each. and then at lvl 5 we will pick randomly out of the people who lvled our guild and give he/she a SPECIAL PRIZE :O!!! SO GOGOGOGO!!!Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Want to know about your skills?

deathslealth, Apr 5, 11 11:43 AM.

Use this link and find your class using the colorful people icon in the top right after you click this link! This link will show your classes skills so you can make a build to better suit you or look at your future skills!

Need Help?

deathslealth, Apr 5, 11 11:40 AM.
If you require any help what so ever please dont hesitate to ask. But dont take advantage of this offer!
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